The Future Is Here, Surfing Beyond The Ocean

I have always loved waves. As a grommet I was searching over the headland to see what waves were on the next beach, I took road trips up and down the coast searching, always searching for the next wave. A few years later and I’m travelling the world riding the best waves in the world and competing in them. In professional retirement, getting good waves has become even more important to me and I just have to ride as many good waves as I can, while I can. [HA!]

After all these years, it still tickles me. The idea of making waves and building waves. The quest to build waves is fascinating for me and now I have the opportunity to join my old mate Occy along with the team at Surf Lakes in the first wave pool in Australia and it’s SICK! Thank you to everyone for the opportunity and getting me involved. I can’t wait to surf these waves with you. Yeeeeeew. |!!!/

Surf Lakes Barton Lynch

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