Streetboardz Launches Skateboard Revolution

One of the best surfer’s skateboards, Streetboardz has just come up with one of the most revolutionary designs since the invention of the skatie 80 years ago. It’s time to throw your support behind an Aussie innovation and help make the prototype of the world first board-braking system a reality.

The crew at Streetboardz have come up with the Boarder Kontrol system which converts a standard cruiser skateboard into to a board with a brake. There’s an extendable leash at the end of the board that when pulled, engages the brakes and braces the skater. It’s an awesome feature that will allow advanced skaters to cruise with confidence down bigger, steeper hills and is great for kids developing their skills and gaining control of the board.

We’re 100% behind this awesome new product because the Boarder Kontrol braking system just makes sense. The safety aspect of it is a no-brainer and it’s combined with a great existing surf specific, training board.

You can be the first to have access to this new set-up ready to bomb down your neighbourhood’s steepest sloap or get your kids moving on their board with confidence. Check out the Boarder Kontrol crowd funder page!


boarder kontrol

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