Week-6 Video Challenge Update

October 30, 2020
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October 30, 2020 Barton Lynch

With week 6 now complete and only a few days left in our original event window we have decided to extend the submissions open period to November 7th giving everyone another week to submit videos..

The reason for the extension is due to the continuing awareness and growth of the event and our community, we feel the word is just starting to spread and we want to give as many kids as possible the chance to Blast Off.

Clip of the week winners

GIRLS 14’s

This young lady’s surfing is unbelievable in so many ways. 13-year-old, Erin Brooks from Hawaii submitted videos in every category and all of them are standouts and finalists in there categories.

We see a massive future for you Erin and you are our High Performance winner for week 6 we can’t wait to see what amazing things you get up to. Congratulations girl, we’re sending you a prize pack from our friends at @spyoptic and @minksystems

GIRLS 12’s

The girls are on fire! These two 11-year-old rippers are both from Europe Adriana Hidalgo from the Canary Islands and Clemence Schorsch from the South West of France. Both of their videos got us stoked so congratulations we are sending each of you a @sharkbanz for your performances. Keep ripping girls

BOYS 12’s + 14’s

This video challenge has proven to us that there are a heap of very talented young surfers out there and not just in the traditional hotbeds, Europe has some serious up and coming talent. We had multiple contenders for our boy’s high-performance award this week so again we’ve had to break it up divisionally.

14 year old Kai Odriozola from the Basque Country dominated the field with his professional and stylish approach edging him ahead of Johnny Roque Pinho from Portugal, Kai Hall, Dane Henry, Eric Roberson, Rio Ono and South Africa’s Nate Colby.

As it turns out, Kai’s younger brother Hans Odriozola is an absolute ripper too and he took out our under 12’s division. Han’s edged in front of Makoa Gomez, Dylan Donegan Dos Santos and Kai Schmitz all from the Canary Islands.

These two brothers from the Basque Country are showing a power and maturity in their surfing far beyond their years. Well done boy’s, we’re sending you each a prize pack from our friends @minksystems @futuresfins and @ufo_surf

Congratulations to all the kids mentioned, we see great futures for you all and love sharing your stoke.


Ollie Croft stoked on his UFO prize pack!


Quaid Fahrion from Southern California submitted a cracking video that came so close in last weeks calculations for clip of the week.

This kid already has a great all round performance and we can see it turning into something great as he grows and adds size and power, cant wait to watch it happen. To reward you Quaid we are sending you a prize pack from our mates at @spyoptics congrats and cant wait to see your next vid.

So stoked to see this epic clip come in from my old home town. 12 year old, Sol Gruendling is from Manly, where I spent a lot of my competitive years. It’s great to see him stepping it up into bigger conditions in Hawaii too. You’re on fire mate, thanks for getting us stoked. We are sending you a prize pack from our good friends at @boostaus @boostmobile that includes a refurbished iPhone and 12 months coverage from Australia’s biggest network.

Eli Hanneman's Tip Of The Week

I think that when you’re young it’s best to wait until you are a bit older to have your surfing critiqued too much.

It’s great to have a coach to teach you heat strategy and competitive skills but as far as style and technique goes I think it’s important that you grow into your own style of surfing!

I never was coached for technique or style until I was about 13 or 14 and I’m thankful for that. It allowed me to surf in a unique way that I want to surf. That’s the beauty of surfing! You can surf how YOU want!

Thank you all for your support!

We’d love to hear more from you so please feel free to send us any feedback you have!



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Keep up to date via my social channels.


Got a question?
Shoot me an email.


Join our community of likeminded frothers who live with progression as our focus and stoke in our hearts.