Over the last few years my travel commitments have grown substantially and I have been spending less and less time in Sydney and been unable to service the demand for my coaching.

It got me thinking of how given my current schedule could I get my coaching to the people who want it and below are some services and ideas we have created to help you surf better.

I hope you can find a way to work with me – the better you surf the more fun you have!

I am available for private coaching sessions all year long but with the requirement that it can be done in the geographical area I am at that given time.

In my absence from Sydney I have my great friend and long time coach Marc Atkinson standing in, Marc actually coached me when I was a pro. He lives in Manly and has already been doing the private coaching sessions for me and the clients have been stoked with his expertise and his communication of knowledge.

So if you are after private personalised coaching you have 2 options.

Either catchup with Marc at anytime in Australia and just email me to connect you and we will make it happen. Or connect with me via email, clarify my travel schedule and see if we can connect at any point in the future. 

Please know I have absolute faith in Marc’s ability to help people and his sessions are generally 1on1 or 2 people at the max and go for 3 hours.

Cost for these sessions is $300AUD plus gst.

My private coaching sessions are charged hourly at $150AUD and for a minimum of 2 hours.

Further information and costs are available upon request just email me at [email protected] 

I have previously done a lot of video coaching for individuals, the Hurley Surf Club and Professionals, it has always been very well received and valuable so I am reintroducing this service personally.

It is a form of coaching I know my schedule will allow me to handle and is proven to help people improve.

All you need to do is get some video of yourself surfing, it doesn’t need to be professionally shot, amateur footage is fine so you could get a friend, partner or kid to film you, upload and send me the link.

I will then review it and get back to you with my feedback and directions for your improvement.

This service costs $300USD per review.

Just let me know via email if you are keen to have me do this for you?

Over the years I have personally mentored many surfers, males, females, boys, girls, professionals, recreational, all types of surfers with the common goal of wanting to surf better.

The way this works is that I share with you my program for success, we set the goals and I design and deliver your personalised program based on your time availability. 

We communicate regularly based on your program level. You will have work set in and out of the water and I will share with you my secrets to reaching your best you. I will continue to set challenges for you to meet and grow from as you progress through the program.

I will share my training drills with you and guide you on how to use them.

If you can manage to provide me with video footage of you surfing we will use that to help and it is encouraged and available in different quantities depending on your plan level.

Our communication depending on geography can be in person or via Skype, Whatsapp, phone, email, text or any of the modern communication platforms.

The Mentor Program is charged and invoiced on a quarterly basis, and work is done in 3 month blocks.

The Program can be done as an individual or as a small group.

Further information and costs are available upon request just email me at [email protected] 

For several years now I have been collaborating with The Perfect Wave Travel Company to provide people with the best surf and life coaching trips available anywhere.

We source the best possible locations and waves for surfing and coaching. We create world class trips to perfect waves with great food, service and I host and coach you.

I share my experiences and stories from a life in and around the world surfing tour, and use that experience to help you become a better surfer.

We have trips for different lengths of time and that offer a variety of wave conditions to suit all levels of surfers. We go to the Maldives in May on a boat charter, then run a land based trip at Kandooma Resort, we hit Bali in April and the Mentawai in October, we are currently investigating new locations for next year.

These really are trips of a lifetime and a great way to improve your surfing while having a holiday.

To view the trips and book go to – https://www.perfectwavetravel.com/barton-lynch-surf-experiences and if you have any questions please let me know.


In collaboration with Sports Camps Australia I conduct Surf Camps every school holiday period throughout the year. Camps normally run for 2 days and are open to 30 boys and girls 16 years and under at each camp.

The majority of scheduled camps are held on Sydney’s Northern Beaches but if you have a group of friends we could easily custom run a camp in your area, just let me know.

To see the camps or book in go to – https://www.sportscampsaustralia.com.au/surfing/sca/full