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The Blast Off is primarily a 6 week coaching program that includes a championship component where winners are decided,
but the concept is to spend the 6 weeks together as a community learn from the coaching on your and others videos and focus on improving and getting stoked.

Every video submitted is offered coaching and encouragement from a panel of experts.

Submissions are open from October 21st through to December 2nd 2022 for BOYS & GIRLS 14 YEARS and UNDER (as of the 3rd of December) from anywhere in the world. We will accept videos that were shot anytime in 2022.

They can be a single wave, a single manoeuvre or edited clips with sound or not. Clips to be a maximum of one minute in length.

Submit your clip now to be in the running to win epic weekly prizes for the ‘Most Entertaining Clip’ and ‘Kids Who Bring The STOKE’!

In 2022 we introduce two categories from our sponsor GoPro the “Best GoPro POV” for single waves shot on a GoPro camera and the “Best GoPro Edit” for an edit shot on a GoPro camera.

And we are very excited to add the new Clean Up category thanks to our sustainability partner at A New Earth Project which you can read about below.

Plus overall divisional winners for the 14s, 12s, 10s, 8s & 6s and then:

  • Peoples Choice
  • Experts Choice
  • Worst Wipe Out
  • Best Tube
  • Best Air
  • Best Wave
  • Overall 'Best Edit'
  • BL’s MVP!
  • Best GoPro POV
  • Best GoPro Edit
  • A New Earth Clean Up

So grab mum, dad or a friend and get filming kids!
BL and the Blast Off team can’t wait to see your clips and watch you having a blast…

How to enter


Once you have your entry ready, upload it to YouTube. In the title, use BL BLAST OFF 2022 VIDEO CHALLENGE along with your name or video title. In the description add in anything you’d like to mention, plus remember; no contact details there! Also, use the tags #GoProBlastOff, #blblastoff and #bovc22.

Then simply click on your Age Category button below, then fill in your name, add your email address and check the terms and conditions box, paste in your Youtube URL and press the ‘SAVE CONTESTANT’ button.

You’ll then have a PayPal pop up to pay your $5USD and you’re Blasting Off! Of course, there’s no entry fee if you’re entering the Clean Up category.

The Blast Off Team will review your entry as soon as they can and once they’ve approved your video the entry will be live on the site.

Make sure you share your entry to increase your chances of winning the People’s Choice Award!

Entry Fee: $5USD Payable via PayPal upon submission of your video. Or free if you’re entering the Clean Up category.

How to enter


At “Blast Off” we are all about respect for our planet, and so the opportunity to connect with A New Earth Project and welcome them onboard as our Official Sustainability Partner to help guide us into our future is powerful.

A New Earth Project is a global coalition of brands, packaging suppliers and consumers all dedicated to the mission of ridding our world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution.

Together we want to introduce to you our latest category to be included and awarded at the 2022 BL Blast Off Video Challenge presented by GoPro.

The “Clean Up” allows you to send us (free of charge) videos of you doing good in your community. From beach clean-ups to mowing the lawn for the senior citizen upon the street to helping to fix the stairs at your favorite surf spot, videos of you and your mates doing good things are what we want to see.

These clips will be reviewed by the New Earth team, and the best one will receive the “New Earth” medal and a grant of $500 to keep doing your thing.

So get some friends together, or do it with your family or even alone but together we can make an even greater impact out of the event and this is something we are all very stoked about.

Scroll down to categories to enter! or follow the Learn More button to read more about A New Earth Project


Simply head to the Voting Gallery page and watch the videos, you’ll see the vote buttons there!
Click on the heart icon to cast your vote on your favourite entries.
Don’t forget you can enter and vote as many times as you want, but only once per entry.

How to enter


Thanks to the crew at GoPro, we’ve compiled some great tips to get the best out of your GoPro and with luck make the finals show in the Blast Off 2022 Video Challenge!

How to enter


Have a read by following the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a community of likeminded frothers who live with progression as our focus and stoke in our hearts.


Keep up to date via my social channels.


Got a question?
Shoot me an email.


Keep up to date via my social channels.


Got a question?
Shoot me an email.


Join our community of likeminded frothers who live with progression as our focus and stoke in our hearts.