The aim is to give people the tools to reach their greatest potential as both a surfer and human, and to achieve their dreams.


As a World Champion surfer Barton has the rare ability to get inside the head of a surfer, to improve them from the inside out and bring out the will, skill and determination to succeed. 

Barton is passionate about helping others reach their dream… as he did.


All “Barton Lynch Mentoring Program” levels include the below:

∙ Introduction Meeting 

We will connect, meet personally if possible or via skype. 

Prior to this I will email you the Mentoring program information document and run through it with you to make sure we are clear on the details, expectation and actions to be taken.

∙ Goal Setting Session 

We will have a goal setting session and clarify your goals.

I will monitor your progress towards these goals during the period.

∙ Assessments 

My aim is to provide you with a program that best maximises your available time and achieves your goals. We will continue to monitor and adapt your program to suit.

I am more than happy to work with any health care or training professionals you are working with. 

∙ Communication Schedule 

Access to me is either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on the level of program you are on.

We can use phone, text, email, facetime, whatsapp and skype for our communication.

∙ Weekly Reviews

Goals and training expectations will be set and reviewed weekly by myself and in collaboration with you.

∙ Video Review 

Video review and feedback is either done every week, fortnightly or monthly based on your program level.

The footage is to be provided by you / feedback provided by me within 1 week from receiving. The footage does not need to be edited or professionally shot but can be, raw surfing footage is ordinarily better for coaching and it only needs to be a couple minutes of surfing to be effective.

∙ Fitness Programs 

If you do not already have a Fitness program in place we can help you set that up. We also can assist with Yoga and stretching programs. 

∙ Meditation 

BL’s Mentoring Program values the role that breath awareness and meditation play in success and I will direct you in this area.

∙ Visualisation Program 

I will introduce you to and provide you with my visualisation program.

Contact with your parents/caregivers, other coaches, trainers etc can be provided if needed and regularity is determined by your program level.

∙ Event Support

Additional contact and support especially around events is available upon request but is not included in any program level.

I am also available to watch your contests online and provide heat feedback and advice as an additional service.



1 One on One communication is monthly 

Either in person or online as the geography determines.

Video review is scheduled for once a month.

Goals and training expectations set and reviewed weekly via email.


2 One on One communication is every 2 weeks

Either in person or online as the geography determines.

Video review is scheduled for once every two weeks.

Goals and training expectations set and reviewed weekly via email.


3 One on One communication is weekly

Either in person or online as the geography determines.

Video review is scheduled for once a week.

You will have consistent and unlimited text contact during the period

And phone conversations whenever needed.

Goals and training expectations set and reviewed weekly.


The BL Mentoring Program brings accountability, inspiration, variety and direction to your surfing week. It is structured in a manner that allows us to have regular input and influence.

I travel frequently but my priority is to personally catch up with the surfers I mentor as much as possible. 

I encourage additional private sessions if possible as I find these are key to ensuring my surfers continue their progress and development. 

These sessions also allow us that important time to simply connect, talk and address some of the more personal sides of your progress. 


Each of us is different so working out what works for you is a big part of what I do.



Initially I work with surfers in 3 month blocks or phases. 

This gives us both time to ensure we are on the same page and the energy is compatible before locking in for longer term periods. 

Also allows for a manageable time frame to address specific goals and achieve them!


Level 3 –  $500 Week, $2000 month x 3

 TOTAL            $6,000


Level 2 –  $250 Week, $1000 month x 3 

TOTAL            $3,000 


Level 1 – $125 Week, $500 month x 3 

   TOTAL            $1,500

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss any part of this Mentoring Program and I look forward to working with you.


With thanks, Barton 


Barton Lynch contact details:

  1. [email protected]
  2. +61 401 864 833