Week 1 Wrap-Up / Week 2 Catch-Up

September 29, 2020
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September 29, 2020 Barton Lynch

You groms are next level!
We thought that week 1 could possibly be the stand-out week for entries but you guys just keep raising the bar. The quality of surfing and the level of stoke has blown us away.

If we’ve learnt anything from the first 2 weeks of our video challenge, it’s that surfing is in very capable hands and our decisions are not going to be easy. We can not wait to see where you kids take us and hope that our coaching advice can contribute to your surfing and personal evolution.
Keep it up guys, we love it!

Clip of the week winners from week 1

Girls 10 years and under

Leihani Zoric, at only 7 years of age is an absolute charger and beautiful surfer. Leihani has been coming to our physical events in Sydney for some time now and it has been a pleasure to watch her surfing go to another level.

Leihani’s little brother Atlas Zoric is also a total ripper at only 4! Be sure to check out his entries on the site too because they will blow you away. The Zoric’s received a prize pack thanks to @hurley @hurley_anz

Girl’s 14 years and under

Willow Hardy, at age 13 and from Margaret River Western Australia is charging. Her surfing is seriously impressive and we were inspired by her courage and skill. We sent Willow a prize pack from @boostaus @boostmobile that includes a refurbished iPhone7 and 12 months free coverage from Australia’s biggest mobile network.

Willow’s little sister Olive Hardy submitted some incredible videos too and she was right up there in the running for girls 10 years and under. Make sure you check out her videos on the entry page and it is so cool to see the girls taking charge!

Boy’s 10 years and under

Ryder Prouty from Maui, Hawaii. For only 8 years old, Ryder is showing all the makings of a world-class surfer. You are ripping mate! We’re sending you a prize pack from our friends @hydroflask

Maui seems to be a breeding ground for young rippers and we are blown away by the talent coming out of that place. Keep em coming Maui groms, we love what you’re doing!

Boy’s 14 years and under

Boy’s 14 and under was a tough decision with incredible entries from Jae WoodLuke Tema and Rico Haybittle. We asked for your help and you crowned Jae Wood from Kauai as our clip of the week for week 1. Votes swayed massively between our Blast Off and Barton Lynch audiences but the overall decision was clear. These three kids have got big futures ahead of them, well done groms.

We’re sending Jae Wood a prize pack from our friends at @hurley

Rico Haybittle is getting a prize pack from @amazonpower

Luke Tema will be receiving a Mink System from @minksystems

Froth levels high

How classic is this shot of Kahlil Pineres-Schooley trying on the new gear he won for submitting a ripping video entry last week.

“When you win a @hurley prize pack you have to put the gear on all at once!”

We are so grateful for the support of all our sponsors in helping us bring the stoke to young groms around the world like Kahlil.

Coach Ako

Coach AKO's Tip Of The Week

“Two weeks of Wow!!!
My tip for the week will take you to a world of possibilities & my word for the week is BIO MECHANICS… big word that most of you probably haven’t come across… to turn a surfboard is a mechanical operation engaged by your body… one body cog moves another body cog, which moves another body cog, which turns the surfboard & those body cogs are compression, extension and rotation (CER).
So it’s easy to see the better you become at CER, the better you can surf. Once again, where ever you are on the surfing spectrum, work on your understanding & applying CER & take your surfing next level.”

Coach Ako
What we learnt this week

What we learnt this week

Our goal is to create the world’s largest community of frothing grommets so you guys can connect with like-minded kids and families from around the globe.
We are SO grateful to our sponsors who help make this a reality and actions truly speak louder than words & we are stoked to be supported by the best.

That said we’d love you to help us let as many kids as possible know about the event and build our community from the ground up.
We’ve had discussions with large media companies and organisations about spreading the word but we know there is nothing better than feeling the froth and excitement from “the horses mouth”!

A massive thanks to all of our long-term supporters who share our passion for stoking out you groms and evolving surfing to a more inclusive and accessible sport.

Your feedback

Your feedback

We realised that you guys loved being a part of our “clip of the week” decision process and we loved having your input and feedback. We may need some more help soon because week 2 is just as tough!

Note – all entries submitted during the event window are considered for overall prizes. Winning or losing along the way does not influence your future judgement.

Thank you all for your support!

We’d love to hear more from you so please feel free to send us any feedback you have!



This is a community of likeminded frothers who live with progression as our focus and stoke in our hearts.


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Got a question?
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Keep up to date via my social channels.


Got a question?
Shoot me an email.


Join our community of likeminded frothers who live with progression as our focus and stoke in our hearts.